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rolex-caveRolex are one of the most sought after brands in the world, and are renowned for their performance, looks, and reliability. Rolex the brand dates back to 1905 when it was founded by Hans Wildorf, a German watchmaker. Wildorf’s aim of the company was to create timeless watches at affordable prices. Wildorf worked hard over the years and Rolex has, in return become one of the most luxurious worldwide retailers.

The main problem with such sought after brands is that many manufacturers are producing fakes, some good, some bad, and consumers are finding it increasingly more difficult to spot some of the “better” ones.

Here are several ways you can spot a fake Rolex, courtesy of Bond Jewellers, Scarborough.

Brand/Crown Stamping

You can spot a fake Rolex by the detailing on the brand stamping. In the 2000′s Rolex began to place a crown logo above the Rolex name. Many manufacturers who produce the fake watches do not place the crown on their products.

downloadSerial and Model Number Stamping

The intricate detailing of the serial and model number stamping can highlight whether your watch is real or fake. For example, the numbers and letters are marked impeccably and are cut deep, whereby counterfeit retailers usually use a scratching method and are faint or of low quality.

Weight of Watch

The weight of a Rolex can be an indicator of whether it is real or fake. An authentic Rolex is crafted with the highest quality materials, including real or precious metal and quality gems or crystals, meaning that an original will be quite heavy and will have a solid feel. A fake will be significantly lighter and made of lesser materials.


Authentic Rolex watches are waterproof.

rolex-sea-dweller-deep-sea-MB08_zpsdb5b5162Case Engravings

Rolex DO NOT engrave the case back of their watches, apart from the Sea Dweller model. If your watch features an engraved back, it is likely that it is fake.

The Price

As originals are a luxury product and finely crafted, they come with a large price tag. Even a second hand Rolex will not be cheap. A low price can be a huge indicator that the Rolex is fake.

DSCN0330Be Wise

When investing in a Rolex it is important to carry out some vital checks to ensure that it isn’t a fake. If you are unsure or something doesn’t feel right there is a good chance it isn’t and you should beware before handing over any money. Also look out for the original papers that came with the watch when it was first purchased.