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Buying a diamond is an investment. A pricey investment. Therefore, you want to get things right. Where ever you decide to buy, be it a traditional jewellers or online read our common diamond buying mistakes and keep these in mind for future purchases and you’re at least on the right track. Before we begin the number 1 golden rule is to avoid buying from the high street (ie, chain stores, franchises, catalogue shops etc).

You may be shown two or more diamonds of various cut qualities. While the customer may choose the best cut from the diamonds shown, it is not necessarily a well cut diamond but more likely the best cut quality the shop currently has in stock.

Well cut diamonds are more expensive per carat but only a few are ever carried in traditional jewellers. ‘Less than’ well cut diamonds will cost less to purchase but will be more available to you as a customer as the jewellers can turn them over quicker.

It is near impossible to accurately judge the clarity and colour of a diamond once it is set (in say, a ring for example). Flaws are easily hidden under claws and the colour can be obscured by the reflections from the setting itself. A diamond set in white gold for instance looks larger than its actual size. If purchasing a diamond as an investment ask to see it loose.

More to follow in Common Diamond Buying Mistakes, Part II