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Experts at Bond Jewellers Rings Valued at Bond Jewellers Always Busy at Bond Jewellers View the Display Cabinets at Bond Jewellers Watches Available at Bond Jewellers Always on Display at Bond Jewellers Around the Clock at Bond JewellersMr Bond has been working as a jeweller in Huntriss Row for over 30 years. His story is rags-to-riches and his life has taken many twists and turns. We’ll not expand any more on this other than to say he’s written a book about his life, he has distribution planned, and there has already been whispers about a possible film or television series based on his writings.

Mr Bond’s expertise in jewellery, particularly diamonds, is called on many times a day from far and wide, including from his friends in Antwerp (diamond capital of the world).

As well as running a successful jewellery business (also buying and selling antiques and quality paintings), his love for art, especially abstract, comes to the forefront through his own abstract paintings. His work can be seen hidden in some of the photographs above. People are already sitting up and starting to take an interest in his paintings, particularly because of his love of aliens. More often than not these little green men are depicted in his works (Scarborough, the home of Bond Jewellers also happens to be the UFO capital of England). His artwork, interest in aliens, and the town of Scarborough are currently being written in to a documentary for cable television. If you’re interested in backing this project, Mr Bond would almost certainly love to hear from you.

If you’re interested in the boss’s abstract paintings you can view some of his work, and read the stories behind them on his website, Off The Track Abstract.