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Q. Why no blog posts between 6th – 11th August?

A. Because we were that busy showing people THE Diamond.

That clears that up. We hope.

So, due to the overwhelming response we’ve had to this gorgeous stone we’re thinking of a name change. What about calling this special cut “WOW”? Because this is more often than not the first word that people speak when they see THE Diamond for the first time.

Does it sound right? “Come and see WOW at Bond Jewellers”. Don’t worry if you hear this on the radio or read this in the press, it’s not an ABBA tribute band, it’s simply the finest cut of any diamond in the whole of the UK.

Come and see WOW now at Bond Jewellers, Huntriss Row, Scarborough.

Ok, maybe we’ll continue to call it THE Diamond. Come and let us know what you think!